More Outdoor Furniture Trends & Tips

In the UK, summer will officially start with the summer solstice and with it seeing the equator’s northernmost point reached by the sun. As at 6:34 a.m. EDT, June the 20th, 2017, summer is supposed to officially begin.

Having said that, the kids and I were snuggled in winter coats as we enjoyed just a few half-term day trips a few weeks ago. I know we complain a bit too much when it comes to the weather – those of us in the UK – but surely, a prolonged period to allow us to enjoy the sun’s rays isn’t too much to ask.

We are back to the same old cycle this year already this week – like what we experienced in summers just past – a few days of sunshine and no more for the rest of the week. Does this happen to you – where the working days of the week seem to have very nice weather, and no sooner than you think you can have a BBQ or do something fun on the weekend, it’s gloomy above you with the threat of rain and grey skies?

More Outdoor Furniture Trends For Outside Edge

We’re in high spirits that the summer of 2017 is going to be good. At Outside Edge, we don’t expect good weather only because the soul is the better for it, but because it’s also favourable for business and as a whole, the UK garden industry benefits from it. Great progress has been made in this industry, with the market seeing the introduction of products through design and innovation, allowing us to enjoy those moments in the garden.

Our article on 2017’s summer outdoor furniture trends and tips has been posted because we want our readers to be in on the latest trends for the season.

Porch swing or swing chairs are the trends for 2017 when it comes to designer garden products, keep in mind though that the classic metal garden furniture are still in vogue.

At Outside Edge, moveable hammocks that have a frame are what we love. We’d rather not have those that are stuck to a tree.

Portable Hammocks

Laying in a hammock relaxing is an unbeatable experience under the shining sun, it’s pretty comfortable, amazingly. But with frames as bulky as they are, storing one could take up so much space. It wouldn’t be out of place to say the hammock is a garden furniture for ‘occasional use’ that you’ll probably use a few of times in the whole year. Going portable is the solution, something you can tuck back in the garage or shed after you’ve soaked up the sun on a summer’s day.