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Kensington Polycarb Roof 3m x 4.2m Pavilion

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Kensington Terrace Polycarb Roof Pavilion 3m x 4.2m

The stylish and yet sturdy poly-carbonate pavilion is perfect for adding extra protection to your outside dining area. This 3 x 4.2 metre pavilion comes with a powder coated metal frame, waterproof curtains & mosquito net. This pavilion is carefully constructed to allow simple deployment and removal.

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Product Description

Product Description

A gazebo is a great structure in a garden and apart from creating an interesting feature, a pavilion can be used for many different tasks. A gazebo can complete your outdoor space as it not only improves outdoor aesthetics but makes the patio or garden more usable.

A gazebo is an outdoor building or cover which has exposed sides and comes in various shapes such as square, round, rectangular and hexagonal. Gazebos and pavilions can be manufactured in a variety of materials like aluminium, steel, plastic resin, wood, thatch and canvas.

  • Lightweight tubular metal frame reinforced with steel for added strength.
  • 6mm polycarbonate roof which is lightweight, lets the sunshine through and has a UV stabilised tint built in.
  • Side curtains and mosquito nets that run on smooth curtain rails and are zipped for easy fastening.

Here Are 10 Reasons To Buy A Gazebo or Garden Pavilion

  • Rain & Wind Protection On You Patio
  • Design Enhancement
  • Improve Parties/Weddings/BBQs
  • Shaded Area
  • Plant Growing Structure
  • Work Area
  • Relaxation Zone
  • Hot Tub Cover
  • Lighted Area
  • Winter Storage Area


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