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How to Make an Old Home Look Modern Inside and Out

Many people decide to go with an older home when looking to buy their own place. Even though this may seem a bit strange at first, the logic behind it is the affordable price that older homes usually go for. Obviously, you’d want to update and transform that home in...

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Seven Big Ideas to Make Your Small Garden More Beautiful

In design, there’s no such thing as a space that’s simply “too small.” Space can be limited, certainly, but thoughtful design and strategic use of the space can render any area or room beautiful, useful, and harmonious. The same is true of gardens. The tiniest garden can leave one feeling...

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Know Your Metal Patio Sets

Know Your Metal Patio Sets – Know exactly what your garden set is made of. If possible, see how comfortable it is before buying it. If buying online, do some extra research, look at Customer Testimonials, reviews etc. Being frugal isn’t always about saving money. It is also about spending...

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The Best Way To Buy Metal Garden Furniture

The Best Way To Buy Metal Garden Furniture The best way to buy metal garden furniture as a long-term investment could be tricky; making the correct decision needs a little research and guidance. Our outdoor furniture industry has gone through major product innovation over the past decade and as a...

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Why Aluminium Garden Furniture ?

Why Aluminium Garden Furniture? This is why aluminium garden furniture is the only choice! When you are looking to create the ideal garden and patio for your perfect oasis, you will also have to consider the best garden furniture for your space. And, of course, we recommend you buy aluminium...

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Choosing Metal Garden Furniture – Is it the best Option?

Choosing Metal Garden Furniture – Is it the best Option? Choosing metal garden furniture  is no doubt one of the best options if the chair and tables are manufactured with aluminium. With a huge selection of garden furniture available, a garden furniture buying guide will be very useful in helping...

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Metal Garden Furniture Blog

Metal Garden Furniture Blog – Why Outside Edge? The metal garden furniture blog at Outside Edge has been active for about 6 years now and there has been a considerable amount of time invested in publishing content. Let me talk a bit more about why we publish our metal garden...

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Metal Garden Furniture Shows

Metal Garden Furniture Shows You must visit these metal garden furniture shows in 2018. At Outside Edge, we were always enthusiasts of home and garden exhibitions which contain aluminium patio furniture and in fact anything to do with the garden! These exhibitions are a great opportunity to market our products...

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