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Cushions For Outdoors

Are you looking for outdoor cushion options for your metal garden furniture dining set? If you are, keep scrolling because we have compiled everything for you to know. Here is what to look for when getting cushions for outdoors: Key ColoursThe summer and spring of 2021 is going to be...

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Why You Should Get A Kensington Fire & Ice Pit

Why You Should Get A Kensington Fire & Ice PitEveryone has different opinions regarding fire pits. Since people have started spending more time outside when it comes to entertaining family and friends, fire pits have become a vital part of the Outside Edge garden furniture range. Having a fire pit...

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How to store rattan garden furniture

A great alternative to natural rattan is synthetic woven rattan which is much more durable and highly recommended for outdoor use. With synthetic rattan garden furniture, you need to make sure that it is covered properly if it is put outdoors for daily use. It is more resistant than natural...

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Metal Garden Furniture

Metal Garden Furniture- All You Need To Know Many of you consider that wood is the only option for giving your garden a luxurious look but here are some points to consider about a new option i.e. the metal garden furniture. So! You are planning to buy garden furniture but...

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Cabins Metal Aluminium Garden Furniture

5 Stunning Ideas to Inspire You Metal aluminium garden furniture is the best choice for you log cabin’s porch. Even though log cabins in the woods are unjustly portrayed in horror flicks as places where annoying teenagers get violently murdered by a deranged, mask-wearing chainsaw-wielding maniacs, these places offer all...

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Garden Preparation

How to Prepare Your Garden for a Viewing When it’s time to get your garden in the best shape possible, it can be a little tricky to know where to start. With so many urgent jobs seemingly demanding your attention at the same time, you can just freeze, and do...

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7 Last-Minute Tips for Your Summer Garden

Vacation is always great when you want to take a breather over the summer, but if you have a nice garden, you can relax and enjoy yourself every day, especially when it comes to unwinding from a long work day. So, is your garden ready for summer? It’s never too...

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How to Make an Old Home Look Modern Inside and Out

Many people decide to go with an older home when looking to buy their own place. Even though this may seem a bit strange at first, the logic behind it is the affordable price that older homes usually go for. Obviously, you’d want to update and transform that home in...

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Seven Big Ideas to Make Your Small Garden More Beautiful

In design, there’s no such thing as a space that’s simply “too small.” Space can be limited, certainly, but thoughtful design and strategic use of the space can render any area or room beautiful, useful, and harmonious. The same is true of gardens. The tiniest garden can leave one feeling...

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