How to Make an Old Home Look Modern Inside and Out

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Many people decide to go with an older home when looking to buy their own place. Even though this may seem a bit strange at first, the logic behind it is the affordable price that older homes usually go for. Obviously, you’d want to update and transform that home in order to make it more suitable for modern-day living. And interestingly enough, the whole ordeal can still end up more cost-effective compared to buying a completely new and modern place from the start. After all, if you know what projects to take up, it’s relatively simple and definitely more interesting to give your old home a modern makeover. The following ideas can make a world of difference for the way your older place looks and feels.

A Thorough Clean Up

Before you start any project, it’s important to work with clean area, with no dirt and dust. In that respect, your first task will be to properly clean up the whole place, both inside and outside. Start by removing dust and dirt, sweeping and vacuuming, and then proceed to surface cleaning. A pressure hose would come in handy for the house exterior and outdoor structures. 

Fresh Coat of Paint

Once your home is clean, the next logical step involves paint update. A lot of old homes have wallpaper, but this look won’t do if your goal is to create a more modern vibe. That said, remove the wallpaper and give your walls a fresh coat of paint. In general, white is the most popular colour but neutrals are effective as well. This is the simpler path. If you like contrasts, you can always create accent walls with more vibrant shades. Geometrical shapes are especially popular for this particular project. Just like you’d update the paint indoors, make sure to do the same for the home’s exterior. This doesn’t only include the exterior walls, but windows, doors and fences, too.

Replace the Carpets

In case your home has carpeting through and through, you have three available choices. Essentially, you can keep them, but if you opt for this make sure to clean the carpets thoroughly. Furthermore, you can decide that you like carpets, just not the ones you have. In that case, you need to replace them but pay attention to the dimensions and shape of the rooms to avoid sizing mistakes. Finally, you can get rid of the carpets completely. Bare floors (with a decorative rug here and there) are also a very popular trend in modern home design. Obviously, if there’s any damage to the floor, fix it.

Upgrade Kitchen Appliances

One of the most important projects for your old home makeover has everything to do with kitchen appliances. After all, a modern home cannot possibly deal with old, barely functional kitchen, can it? Appliances are an essential part of every contemporary kitchen. These don’t have to be outrageously expensive if you take the time to browse and research, but they should provide functionality, efficiency and practicality to the owners. Also, always go for star-rated appliances as they’re more sustainable and consume less energy. Make sure you also invest in a fire duct, a smoke alarm and any other gadget you might not normally think of when we say “kitchen appliances”. After all, there is more to the space than a fridge and a stove. 

Put Up New Outlets

This is a rather simple project that can make a huge difference. Namely, new and modern outlets feature quite a different look compared to how they used to look decades ago. If your home is old, its outlets will be old, too. Obviously, you’d have to make sure that the wiring complies to modern-day standards but once you do that, take the time to replace the old outlets with new ones as well. 

Spruce Up the Yard

As mentioned, a fresh coat of paint for the exterior of the house as well as the fence and outdoor structures can truly transform an old home. But it won’t mean much if the yard is completely neglected. Get rid of the weed and mow the lawn. Update your mailbox and house number with newer and more modern alternatives. Add planters alongside the fence and the porch. If you have enough space, don’t hesitate to build a deck, too. Spending time outdoors is very important and having your own deck can help you relax and unwind as well as organize fun gatherings when the weather allows it. In a way, decks have become the top trend for both modern living and home design. Perhaps buy some new patio furniture, you could choose from metal garden furniture or rattan outdoor outdoor furniture.

Change Lighting Fixtures

In order to make an old home look modern inside and out, you should definitely invest in proper lighting. Some areas of your home may even require additional lighting installations. This is especially important for the outdoors. But even the existing fixtures need some freshening up. You don’t want old-looking lamp covers and chandeliers spoiling the look of your modern home. Therefore, make sure to replace these, too and elevate the whole atmosphere with proper illumination. 

Aside from the mentioned updates, by adding your personal touch with art, decorative bits and pieces and even new hardware your old house will look good as new in no time! 

Kevin has gone through an extensive home renovation with his son, which he has both thoroughly enjoyed, and dreaded every morning. He is now the proud owner of half his dream house (the other half has been waiting for spring). You can read more of Kevin’s work at PlainHelp.


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