Iconic Patio Furniture in Films

Watching aesthetic garden furniture on celluloid is truly a treat for the eyes. Here are our top picks of garden furniture moments projected on-screen that blew us away. 

Love Stories From The 1960s

The idea of a swing seat was first seen in the 1960s classic ‘Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang’. Every little girl across the world fell in love with that garden swing. The fact that the seat was placed in a beautiful garden was a stroke of brilliance by the makers of the film. The most gorgeous thing about this garden swing was its metal look which could hardly be ignored. Many furniture suppliers still offer this kind of ornate design on wrought iron. So, take a look at one of Hollywood’s finest depiction of a garden style. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpFgoyqxDSI

Coming of Age In The Style Of Dustin Hoffman

As much as the sixties films had aesthetically pleasing garden furniture, it is always great to see things move up a notch or two. This is why we have ‘The Graduate’s swimming pool scene. It has a scene where we see garden furniture in a new setting. As much as our attention is caught by Simon and Garfunkel’s inflatable mattress floating on the swimming pool. We need to move our eyes a little and appreciate the sun lounger, table and chairs on the patio.

An Accident Awaits

If you are looking for traditional, intricate, wooden, and chic furniture, you have to watch the sitcom ‘Meet the Parents’. It is the kind of furniture you will find in stores today. It is set in a swimming pool area where Ben Stiller’s character in the film is trying too hard to win a very competitive game of volleyball. To try and compensate for his lack of skill at playing volleyball, he smacks the bride to be in her face. We included this scene not as much for the furniture but a laugh. The scene shows exactly how to impress your to-be in-laws.

Comedies From The 1980s

It is not possible to talk about poolside patio furniture and not include ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’. We are talking about the scene where Cameron’s character is sitting on a garden chair right before he plunges his head. He only does it to be heroically rescued by the Ferris. Talking about this film is so nostalgic. It is not only an incredibly hilarious film but it perfectly incorporates the hideous white plastic patio furniture. Do you not just love the 1980s omedies? 

 The Comeback Of 50s, 80s Style

‘Grease’ is a film whose picnic tables are the coolest. We get to see these lovely tables where the girls have all gathered around while Sandy is singing ‘Summer Nights’. The film has the smartest, most stylish aluminum tables you will ever come across.  

Glamour from the 1950s

In the film ‘High Society’, look at the furniture of the scene where Frank Sinatra is singing ‘Mind if I Make Love to you’. It has phenomenal patio lounging chairs with painted bamboo frames and graceful cushions in turquoise. Everything about those chairs is crafted to perfection. From the coloring to every element of construction. 


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