Patio Furniture That’s Flexible

We have been hard at work while strategizing for the upcoming summer product range here at Outside Edge Garden Furniture. Patio tables and chairs vary widely; hence, the purchase planning process is not as simple as it might look. Every day a new product comes out in the market, and we want to make sure that our products stay up-to-date when it comes to the current changes. It’s a great opportunity to observe the new changes in our industry. For instance, a stylish-looking aluminium corner set will soon replace the white frame iron ones from the 70s.

Outdoor rattan’s popularity has seen a massive growth and you have a variety of chic seating options to choose from. When it comes to informal seating, it is now available in a wide range. Plus, you will also find wonderful modular rattan options combined with deluxe statement pieces that resemble the allure of sitting by the poolside in an expensive hotel. Maybe you could try moving your garden table plus chairs from your main patio and replace it with a comfortable sofa set around a coffee table and fire pit instead. You will be surprised to see that you enjoy lounging on that sofa set more as compared to sitting at the table.

All of our tables are picked specifically to suit every garden style. Most of the customers purchase a table depending on the size of garden they have, including the shape and size of their patio. For instance, circular tables look good on a square patio and rectangular outdoor tables would be more suitable for a rectangular patio. When it comes to the size, we want our customers to have the option of scaling up during special occasions, since many of us use the patio furniture when people come over. A lot of the times, families consist of at least five members minimum; hence, additional space is needed when more people come in. One of our highly-popular products is the large double bowl table that allows a person to seat 10 to 12 people. Moreover, we make sure to incorporate different styles of chairs in order to match our sets. For instance, certain rattan garden chairs tend to be coarsely-made and bulky, while others are sophisticated and clean-looking. We are aware of the ones our customers like more.

One of the many things people want in their furniture is flexibility. This trend has been quite popular in the case of indoor furniture thanks to big companies such as Ikea and their storable and foldable pieces. However, outdoor furniture has jumped on the flexibility bandwagon as well, since a garden is basically another room that needs to be filled. It is normal to have fire pits, colourful ornaments, and lights on one’s patio, because people love spending time outdoors. Hence, they look for furniture that serves more than one purpose and is easy to store, such as foldable chairs, extendable tables, modular rattan lounge sets, tables with space underneath for storing stools, and so on. Thanks to this type of furniture, having the option to save space helps in properly utilizing the outside area, in addition to providing the most ideal seating solutions during crowded situations.


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