150 Rectang. Table, 6 Brompton Chairs – Bronze

£1,043.00 £799.00


  • Our chairs are not flat packed, they are delivered assembled.
  • Our chairs are not bolted, we weld them together.
  • We offer up to a 10 year guarantee.
  • As standard, we offer free delivery in England & Wales.
  • Cast aluminium cannot rust, it is robust and permanent.
  • Every aluminium chair can stack.

This set consists of:

1 x Brompton Rectangular 150x90cm Metal Patio Table

6 x Brompton Chairs | 6 Seat Pads Stone

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6 Seat Rectangular Garden Set Antique Bronze & Seat Pads

This cast metal garden set will seat 6 to 8 people.

This metal outdoor set comprises of:
1 x metal rectangular 150 x 90cm patio table,
6 x Brompton garden seats,
6 x seat pads stone.

Please note only stone pads are available with our Brompton aluminium chair.

Manufactured with aluminium, this 6 seater patio garden set is light and strong; a single able bodied person could easily shift this garden furniture around the garden!

It is vital that the assembly fittings are manufactured from stainless steel to avoid any possibility of corrosion. Outside Edge specifies stainless steel grade 316, the standard ‘marine grade stainless steel’ for our table fittings.

Our aluminium garden furniture is powder coated with a matt finish called antique bronze. We only use virgin aluminium  to make our garden sets because reclaimed aluminium contains impurities that can cause cracking and corrosion.

Recycled metal is also very difficult to weld because inconsistent reclaimed aluminium will melt at varying temperatures.

Please note the patio garden table is delivered flat packed and the legs have to be bolted to the table top by the customer. The stacking garden chairs are ready to use and require no assembly.

Cast Aluminium Rectangular Garden Set – Specifications

Rectangular Garden Table Dimensions = 150cm x 90cm
Table Height = 73cm
Garden Table Weight = 47kg

Brompton Chair Height (from ground level to the top of the back) 90cm | Width 63cm
Aluminium Chair Seat Depth 44cm | Metal Chair Weight = 6.5kg

Powder Coating & Aluminium

Our high quality powder coating means that this metal garden set can be left outside for several years before re-painting has to be considered. Aluminium does not rust like cast iron, so our garden furniture is totally maintenance free, Wash with soapy water and a hose.


The 6cm thick seat cushions are zipped so that the covers can be removed for washing.

Aluminium Garden Furniture Buying Tips 

When you view different metal patio furniture sites make sure that you check the size of the table, are the table legs thin, is the table top flimsy? Is the chair smaller or lighter, what’s the weight of the furniture, can the cushions be washed, do the chairs arrive flat packed, do the chairs stack, how long is the guarantee? Fact – it is impossible in the UK to buy a flat packed aluminium garden chair that will stack!

Make sure that the aluminium is powder coated using A grade outdoor paint and that the aluminium is not recycled. Reclaimed aluminium often contains impurities which can lead to metal fatigue and then structural failure. Also our aluminium furniture is structurally guaranteed up to an incredible 10 years! Please click here to learn about our superior production process.

Our aluminium garden chairs require no home assembly.

International Delivery

If you require a quote for metal furniture delivery outside the UK please contact us as we offer a global delivery service!


Aluminium Furniture 10 Year Guarantee

About Aluminium

Most of us know about aluminium, we have interacted with the metal aluminium (AL) be it in cooking or wrapping food. This silvery-white metal is reflective and non-toxic; therefore when you cook with it, you won’t get sick.

Aluminium is the 13th element on the periodic table and it has a number of other uses. When aluminium is paired with certain other metals, it increases in strength. It becomes so strong that it is used in the construction of ships and planes. Are you aware that there are actually some plastics that have aluminium?

Although metals have been used throughout human history, aluminium didn’t get its name until 1807 when Davy named it. The chemist Wohler was able to purify and isolate the metal 20 years later. Aluminium is in the same element column in the periodic tables along with other metals that don’t rust (B).

About Aluminium – Where is this metal found?

Serving Utensils
Most of the utensils you use to eat dinner at a restaurant are probably made of aluminium. Most forks, spoons and knives have some kind of aluminium in them.

Rubies and Gems
The precious stone ruby is found in many different kinds of jewellery and is distinguished by its really deep red colour. All rubies have aluminium atoms inside them.

Aluminium Foil
Most of us at some point has a sandwich wrapped in foil that mom made for lunch. The foil is made from aluminium. There are some people who save it to recycle for future use.

Power Transmission Lines
Some of the power line cables that you see all over the US and Europe are made from aluminium. Aluminium is an excellent conductor of electricity.

Airplanes and Helicopters
Aluminium is a lightweight metal and when combined with other elements, it becomes even stronger. Engineers use it to make airplane bodies since it is light and very strong.

Cans and Packaging
This is a simple one. We are all familiar with aluminium cans, the ones that virtually all sodas come in.

Aluminium Garden Furniture

Aluminium has been used in making both extruded and solid cast patio furniture. How come? This amazing metal is rust free, light and strong. It also melts easily and can be used in die or sand casting. Previous to aluminium, metals like iron or steel were used in the construction of outdoor furniture, but there was a problem with corrosion and weight.

By using aluminium in garden furniture, consumers have the option to purchase tables and chairs that require virtually no maintenance and they are light enough to be moved around the patio and garden.

The best garden furniture option for outside has to be cast aluminium for long term use.


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