Seven Big Ideas to Make Your Small Garden More Beautiful

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In design, there’s no such thing as a space
that’s simply “too small.” Space can be limited, certainly, but thoughtful
design and strategic use of the space can render any area or room beautiful,
useful, and harmonious.

The same is true of gardens. The tiniest
garden can leave one feeling just as relaxed and at peace as would a sprawling
botanical park. You just have to be deliberate in your planning and take special
care in what you include from the plot.

The following fun ideas for beautifying
your garden can work in any space, but are particularly handy to keep in mind
for those garden plots which have particularly limited real estate.

 Let the
Colors of Your Plants Be Bold

Color is a critical component of design: it
communicates the mood of the entire space, and so choosing colors that reflect
how you want to feel in an environment is vital. You can breathe real life into
a garden (even a very small one) by choosing boldly colored plants that revolve
around a central color scheme.

Powerful pops of red and white flowers
against an otherwise green garden can make a strong statement, and can evoke
either a winter-time, holiday mood or bright memories of summer. Or, keep your
bright colors to one central theme, like pink, and showcase a wide range of
pinks across your garden. Be strategic as too many varied colors can look
haphazard and busy. Try to stick to a central theme of no more than three

Adhere to the Rule of Three

In design, you’ll frequently see elements
occurring in threes: three pendant lights, three artisanal mirrors on a wall,
three decorative throw pillows. The rule is no different when it comes to
landscaping. Keep the number three in mind when designing all elements of your
garden. This includes color. Your scheme could include bright white, orange,
and yellow flowers (but do yourself a favor and forgo adding in red – one more
color is simply too much). Think about the rule of three when designing garden
features, too. Cluster a group of three mismatched garden boulders together, or
put three different flowers together in a large barrel pot.

Give Your Garden a Focal Point

Even outdoor spaces need to be carefully
crafted in order to draw the eye, like a painting. Remembering the rule of
three, design for yourself a central focal point in the garden that will
capture the wandering gaze of your guests (and yourself). This could be a
trellis covered with vining plants, one large tree flanked by two shrubs of
varying size, or a birdbath surrounded by flowering bushes.

For small gardens, the focal point
shouldn’t dwarf the rest of the space. It can even be as small as a single
flower pot artfully designed with eye-catching flowers, but whatever it is,
make sure your focal point can be seen from all vantage points in the garden
AND from the house. When weather is inclement, you’ll want to enjoy the beauty
of your garden, even if you’re stuck inside. So remember that the garden should
be beautiful from all angles.

Don’t Forget About Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

Worried about overpowering your super small garden? Don’t be. You can still work a few much-needed pieces into the space, so that you can enjoy sitting amongst the flowers without having overpowered them. In a small garden plot, the right, brightly-colored iron-scroll bench can work wonders or even a metal bistro set made of aluminium.

Adorn it with fun outdoor pillows so that you’re comfortable sitting outside, and so that the bench becomes as much a part of the design of the space as the flowers and trees themselves. You can also find a fun outdoor rattan or aluminium bistro table as furniture does not have to be big to be functional. In fact, the right metal or rattan garden furniture can even serve as the garden focal point themselves: frame an aluminium bench with twin topiaries or flank your metal bistro set with two large ceramic pots to create symmetry across the display.

Work Vertically When Space is Really Limited

Perhaps the square footage of your garden
is really,
really tight
, and you’re worried about overpowering what little space you
have with extra flower pots or vases. That’s okay, work upward. Use the
exterior wall space of your home or even garden fencing as a place to display
unique hanging florals when you’re otherwise hurting for space.

Floating shelving on a fence can also look
very modern, and can accommodate an array of pretty, delicate potted plants
when floor space just isn’t making the cut. Working vertically isn’t just a
smart space-saving option, it’s also visually appealing. An outdoor space like
a garden has a lot more surface area than just the floor, and by taking
advantage of vertical spaces, it can make the whole area appear bigger.


Lighting is so often overlooked when it
comes to outdoor spaces, and yet it’s no less important than indoors. Use the
lighting in your garden to create visual impact. Soft, low lights beneath
bushes and flowers can give a garden a tranquil and intimate feel, while
eye-catching up-lights on your statuesque trees or topiaries can lend power and
panache to the space.

When Space is at a Premium, Rely on
the Power of Minimalism

Some gardens are just tight, and there’s
simply no way around it. If that’s the case for you, don’t fret as you can keep
on trend and beautiful by adopting a clean-lined, minimalist aesthetic in your
small garden. Think straight lines, especially when
it comes to lawn edging

Wavy, curvaceous lawn plots might seem
artistic and appealing, but the reality is that curves eat up real estate. When
your space is at a premium, the right-angle is going to be your best friend.
And anyway, plants are naturally curvaceous and winding. Let the curves of
vines and flowers soften your space, while your squared-off lawn will serve to
maximize space and reinforce a sense of zen with its minimalism. Rely on
no-frills lawn edgings, like straight-lined bricks or even bamboo.

By keeping design minimalist and relying on
lighting, the use of vertical space, a consistent color scheme, and the power
of the rule of three, you can maintain a garden that’s both small in size and
big on impact. These tricks will allow your garden focal point to shine, and
will ensure your outdoor space is one you’ll enjoy for years to come, however
small it may be.


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