Six Tips for Throwing a Garden Party

Garden Party Tips

Chhchh-chh, uh, chhchhchh, uh,

chhchh-chh, uh,
chhchhchh, uh

In the summertime,
when the weather is hot,

You can stretch right
up and touch the sky,

When the weather’s

You’ve got women,
you’ve got women on your mind.*

(* That’s women AND
men. Women have men in mind and vice versa. Just making sure inclusivity is
preserved here.)

…aaand so forth goes the song. Thanks, Mungo Jerry, for this
lovely introduction.

Summer is the season where you’re scorched by the star,
eaten alive by giant insects (well,
depending where you live, really
), and full of energy to throw a mighty
garden party!

In this article, we’re going to give you some tips about
throwing a great garden party for all your friends, relatives, the dog, AND your momma.

Without further ado, here’s the deal!

1) Experiment with Colours

Since the summer season is probably the best lit of all seasons, so to speak, installing a lot of
different colours and colour schemes at your party can be a worthwhile investment.

For example, you can set up different brightly coloured
stations throughout your garden where you can serve your guests drinks, cake,
there can be a kids’ station, and a scotch ‘n’ cigar one for your
heavily-mustached friends! You can use comfy rattan
for the seating areas, and maybe throw in a couple of sun
for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Also, you can use a variety of coloured balloons and use
cheekily coloured cutlery, as well. There’s no limit to what you can do

2) Use Plenty of Greenery

Your garden party is going to be outside, of course, but
that doesn’t mean it can’t get stuffy in there (in that patch of garden you’re using) if you’re not careful.

Shepherd too many heavily perspiring ladies and gentlemen
into a cooped up area, give them alcoholic beverages and smoked meat and watch
some properly disgusting foul fumes rise from that sorry patch. Your neighbours
may even call the police on you. (Well,
tough chance, but you catch the drift.

Placing some greenery at strategic spots around your garden
can be a great way to make the area well-oxygenated AND pretty at the same

3) Choose Your Theme

When it comes to throwing a party, whether, during the
summertime or some other period, there’s always the problem of content. What
will your guests be doing once they get there? Just stand around awkwardly with
a beer in their hands?

This is where party
come into play. Whether it’s a good ole barbeque, a
watermelon-carving centred gathering, or a water sports contest complete with a
swimming pool, some water guns and other amenities, having some sort of idea of
what to do with your guests once they arrive is better than just having them
sit at a table hoping they’ll chat with each other.

4) Consider Hiring an Event Planner

Just imagine this scenario – you’ve bought the meat for the
barbeque, invited the guests, set the table, and arranged the forks ‘n’ knives
– but alas! You’ve forgotten to buy beer. Now someone will have to go get it
from the store, which is not that much of a problem, but it’s sort of annoying
that you forgot about it.

The point is,there’s nothing bad
about inviting a professional to help you out
make your party the best it
can be. (This especially goes for the
folks who are not that experienced with throwing garden parties.
) With the
help of a party planning pro, you can rest assured that you won’t forget
anything of major importance when it comes to organising your party. Especially
not the beer.

5) Don’t Cheap Out on Drinks

Speak of the devil!

When we said that you must not, under any circumstances,
forget the beer, what we meant is – beer represents the backbone of any party.
So, if you get just beer as the drink of choice for your gathering, that’s like
a bare-bones event, no one will be too thrilled to attend.

This is why you shouldn’t cheap out on the drinks. Make sure
to have a fine variety of wines, juices, soda pops, liqueurs, and other
beverages. Your guests will surely appreciate it and you’ll come across as
well-cultured and a better host!

6) Organise a Garden Bar

A great way to customise the garden space where the party is
going to take place is to make a garden bar, where you can serve drinks, offer
cigars, or administer ice cream! (Or
beef, it’s up to you.

The thing is, a garden bar
will make your garden look like a more of a professional environment, so your
guests can gather around it and discuss fine drinks, food, share their
anecdotes, and socialise, in general.

All things considered, organising a garden party isn’t
nuclear science. All you need to do is make sure everyone’s well-fed, well
drunk (well, maybe tipsy –tipsy’s enough),
and happy socialising with each other. Remember, you can do wonders with a
small patch of the garden if you’re willing to put up a little effort!


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