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Family Business Part 11

Family Business Part 11 It’s Christmas time at Family Business Part 11: Laura, Juno and Paul are enjoying the peace and privacy, while everyone else heads off to Norfolk to celebrate with Rosa.  Will the Edges welcome Nick back into the fold for good?  And with unannounced guests turning up...

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Family Business Part 10

Family Business Part 10 In Family Business part 10, Carla has an important date to get ready for, and raises a few eyebrows in the office with her master plan for Edge Garden Furniture.                                  ...

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Family Business Part 9

Family Business Part 9 In Family Business part 9 we follow the money!  Sophia’s called the family together for an extraordinary Board Meeting of Edge Garden Furniture – with some life-changing news.                                    ...

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Family Business Part 8

Family Business Part 8 The ramifications of Lorenzo’s 50th continue to be felt throughout Family Business and a business trip to China has an unexpected outcome.  Meanwhile Sophia’s planning to use Lorenzo’s absence as a good opportunity to go through the books thoroughly.  What’s she going to find?      ...

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Family Business Part 7

Family Business Part 7 Romance is in the air as family, friends and a Who’s Who of the garden furniture Industry gather for Lorenzo’s 50th. But romance is the last thing on Massimo’s mind as he struggles to be in two places at once.            ...

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Family Business Part 6

Family Business Part 6 What’s been happening this week in Family Business? Back at Oak Farm, another visitor makes it plain he’s not flown all this way just for a slice of birthday cake and we find out more about Rosa’s teenage romance, when Alex Garden comes calling. Meanwhile Laura’s...

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Family Business Part 5

Family Business Part 5 In this week’s visit to Family Business, we find the twins discussing their mother’s latest acquisition and a new boyfriend.  Is Flashy Frank hell bent on emptying Edge’s bank accounts?  At work, the talk is all of who’s going to China for the latest trade fair, while at home, Carla...

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Family Business Part 4

Family Business Part 4 In our latest visit to Family Business, Laura and Rosa trade amusing metal garden furniture anecdotes and Charlie exerts his influence on the firm, when he takes the family’s cushion stocks in hand.  As plans for Lorenzo’s 50th continue, Massimo finds himself in a tricky situation which...

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