The Loveseat Bench

As Valentine’s Day is round the corner, we thought to we give this romantic day a spin of our own. When it comes to furniture, there is one piece of furniture that sets the heart on fire which is the loveseat or bench. There is something about the loveseat, the intimacy and the tender caresses that make you want to have it in the house.

What does a loveseat mean?

The loveseat is a piece of furniture that can be called as a mini sofa which is especially designed for two lovebirds.

How was the loveseat made?

The loveseat has a long history associated with it which dates back to the late 1600s. This mini sofa of sorts gained popularity during the 1700s. It was under the rule of Louis, the XV of France and his Queen Anne that this seat of two was made for a royal courting couple. During the 19th Century, the loveseat started getting more popular as the sofa specifically meant for a courting couple. At the time of the Victorian Era, the loveseat became popular for its S-shape, exactly what it is thought of today.

Apart from being called the loveseat, this two-seater has various names such as simonise, confidante or tete-a-tete. In Australia, the call it a ‘Jack and Jill’ bench. The whole idea behind this specific seat and it’s shape was to make sure that a couple can face each other while sitting together and be able to have an intimate connection at the same time.

The Loveseat: not only good for romantic purposes

In modern times, the loveseat might be mistaken as only a romantic mini sofa that is used for romantic purposes. However, this is not the case. When the loveseat was first designed, it was made for a more practical use like giving women a comfortable place to sit down with their long gowns. During the 17th and the 18th Century, women wore gowns that had crinolines and required more space to be flaunted.

Is the loveseat out of fashion?

Some people might argue that the loveseat is out of fashion today. This might be true because it was during the 70s that this two-seater was featured in Vogue. That was a time when people wanted everything matching their lounge or drawing room furniture, using the same fabric.

Can the loveseat be used in the garden?

The loveseat might not be the best when it comes to keeping in the garden. However, one thing is for sure, it does have a special place when we talk about metal outdoor furniture or rattan patio sets that are durable in the sun. This two seat mini sofa is ideal for a small garden space for a young couple or someone without no kids in the house. These days you can easily get a loveseat made in whatever material and fabric you want, keeping in mind that you will keep it in the garden. They are available in wooden, rattan and cast aluminium.


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