Trends For Garden Furniture 2021

How to style your patio according to prevailing trends.

When you flip through magazine pages for interior designing or surfing through the internet, you will certainly find the trends about interiors for 2021. These trends have started to overspill into the garden. Let us look at garden furniture exterior designs that are in vogue this year.

The Colours For Garden Furniture Trends in 2021

What are the colours that we will see from interior magazines, various home stores, to the lanterns and candles on sale at the garden store?  It appears as if soil tones, neutrals, and earthy browns are very much in style. The bright shades include a variety of shocking pinks and luxury purples. French navy appears often and perhaps orange and lemon are a bit out of fashion.

Key Themes of Garden Furniture 2021


Various blends of materials, fabrics, and style is still in trend.  Give thought to softening up the metal furniture in your patio with leather cushions and possibly a fur rug in the lounging set. All of these lavish fabrics go greatly with the looks of woven furniture.

Modern Materials

You can decorate in different styles by picking from a various variety of natural supplies.  Salvaged wood is everywhere; you can find it from planters to ornaments and on occasional tables.  This will help you to give a feel of the seaside and to boost your rustic theme. 

About the interiors, marble and granite are ideal for work surfaces.  Something that always works great is to give an interior accent on your patio, as your dining space outside is probably close to your kitchen; you can continue to apply similar materials and colors. There is also an option of lavish metals similar to bronze; they have been popular in helping to give a statement look.

More For Less

A lot of expensive materials are found in little ornamental pieces.  Possibly you can choose a bronze theme by using outdoor lanterns or steel fire pits.  You can also put stone mats on the table outside and stone dishes or carved marble bowls to add a rustic accent.  Other material choices you have that work great to individualize your space are wicker and leather; you can also consider utilising antique containers.

Metal Gives An Accent To Your Space

To get a robust look for your outdoor zone you can use a metal theme, together with other supplies and materials for framing or decorative purposes.  For the aluminium furniture in the garden, you could purchase some waterproof chair cushions. Why not choose vibrant or even shocking colours for outdoor scatter cushions, to lift the neutral tones of your rattan corner set.


If you want to recycle, you can paint tin cans and make plant containers or even fruit trays made of wood, these look charming and look incredible for garden displays. 

Then there is the new material that is really trendy at the moment. You can buy waterproof soft furnishings and rugs made from recycled plastic bottles. A 150cm x 90cm rug made from this fabric uses 600 plastic bottles!


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