Unique Cooler Cart – keep your drinks cold, wheel around the patio, serve your guests and keep cool!

Unique Cooler Cart

So you want to keep your drinks cold on a hot summers day; either you have to keep traipsing back to the kitchen or you have had to lug an electric fridge on to the patio! How many times have you tripped over that electric fridge cable? Well, with this unique cooler cart, this trauma is over!

Cool your beverages and BBQ ingredients, this outside cooler cart is so useful. It’s smooth, classy and also great fun. Use the unique cooler cart to make drinks accessible and keep away from visiting the fridge every few mins!

With a steel body, this unique cooler cart is made to manage the harshest weather, and the powder-coated body stays in good condition. With four wheels, it’s straightforward to relocate this movable non-electric refrigerator from one area of the patio to the other side.

The Unique Cooler Cart has many excellent features:

    • this is the best outdoor living cold storage product
    • 76 litre storage compartment which easily holds 12 wine bottles
    • you can use unique Cooler Cart 12 months a year
    • drinks will always taste better when kept continually cool, especially when it’s hot
    • keep ingredients cool before cooking on the BBQ, meat and fish are kept fresh
    • easily kept cold with ice cubes or ice packs
    • ice compartment is insulated so the temperature is kept low for longer
    • of course no electric needed
    • brakes can be applied for safety
    • you can open bottles on the side fitting
    • handy handles are included for easy mobility
    • a plug hole allows moisture drainage
    • the unique cooler cart has a removable top
    • 1 colour available which is black
    • the body is painted with outdoor paint
    • there is a handy bottom shelf.

Unique Cooler Cart – Size

Width = 90cm
Height = 82cm
Depth = 39cm


76 litres


This unique Cooler Cart has a structural guarantee of one year.


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