What Does Your Garden Furniture Say About You?

Are you the old school plant lover or someone who loves adding a modern touch to your garden with a nice piece of patio furniture? If you are both or either one of the two then worry no more, we have got everything for you to find out about what your garden furniture says about you.

Old Money

If you have an old piece of furniture in your garden area that is classier than vintage then you are someone who falls in the old money category. Such people like adding an old school touch to their house, even if it means keeping a table that their parents owned in the 60s. The best part about such pieces of furniture is that they are ever green because of the wood that they are made of which only gets better with age like old wine. Using old money means that you like adding different pieces to the patio which come together like they were meant to be. You can also make do with the setting of the furniture by putting it near an old tree to give a more dramatic vibe to your garden.

Middle England

Gardens of middle England were full of gorgeous cast aluminium, ideal for an outdoor setting. Of course in Victorian times most benches, tables and chairs were made from cast iron. To give the garden that English look you can add nice matching cushions to the sofa set, maybe a simple beige or cream colour so that the cushions do not get all the attention and the furniture still stays the centre piece.

Yummy Mummies

When we say yummy mummy, we mean that a setting that would be good for both the kids and adults. Usually, such people prefer a more practical piece of furniture that can be used casually and is not too high maintenance because of kids in the house. This group would also prefer something more durable as their garden furniture because the truth is that children love playing in the garden which means they will be all over it, even on the patio table and no matter what you do, you can never really stop them from being themselves. In this scenario, a rattan material would work best because it is both trendy and easy to manage.

Urban Sophisticates

The urban sophisticates are people who like open spaces with a sleek look to them. They do not like decking up the garden with a lot of furniture or pieces that do not fall together. If you are someone who is into accent and selective furniture pieces for your garden then you might be an urban sophisticate. They also do not like playing with colour too much in the garden. Such people usually stay with neutral undertones and warm hues to give an elegant look to the lawn.

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